Meet Petal™, the unique organic beverage experience that sparkles with wild, rebellious, flower-powered goodness. Crafted from the finest botanical essences and extracts, our Sparkling Botanical Blends offer a natural fusion of subtle sweetness and refreshing realness.

Low sugar, no caffeine, no fake stuff—just pure organic bliss with plenty of sparkles. That’s the power of Petal. Raise your can, raise your vibe & sparkle your wild heart. 



We applaud eternal rose—our magical elixir, celebrated symbol of love and kick-ass component of beauty and wellness through the ages. Rose hydrates from the inside out, revitalizing your body and spirit with powerful antioxidants. It enhances your mood with its intoxicating scent and delicate floral taste. Rose oil actually vibrates at the highest frequencies of all essential oils – so it truly does raise your vibe. And it makes your skin glow, as Cleopatra famously knew. (The renowned queen often bathed in rose water, her lavish beauty secret.) From beauty to beverages, versatile rose has inspired Petal’s evolution into other sparkling floral fusion blends. Now, everything’s coming up flowers! 


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